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spikezombie asked: I work with a rescue and my bed is covered in kitten (litter of them) D: they are too cute, one took a liking to me and she told me if I wanted him to just say so and he is mine (my cat eats ham and steak, his groomers talk about him and she knows my cat is spoiled) but should I take in little Black kitten or not! Lol because I am tempted, it is hard to ignore something that loves just being around you, I sleep and wake up to a back warmer and kinda named him D:

Aw I’m jealous! I hope to foster cats/kittens someday soon :)

I think if you have room and the means to care for another cat, it’s always a good idea!  As long as you think your current cat would be okay with another cat in the house too.