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Frequently Asked Questions and Submission Guidelines

Who runs this blog?
That would be me, Danielle — aka lieutenant-casey, formerly detective-halstead, formerly sixfourthree

How many cats do you have?
Technically one, Sami (Siamese mix).  She lives with me in my apartment.  But I also have a Siamese named Bing at my parent’s house (click here for a picture).

What should I do if my cat is sick/etc.?
I don’t feel comfortable answering such questions since I don’t have any veterinary knowledge.  Your best bet is to call your vet.

Why didn’t my submission show up?
I put all of the appropriate submissions into the queue upon receiving them, so if you haven’t seen your cat yet you just need to be patient. The only submissions I won’t post are ones of dead cats, cats with human nudity, or any picture that is more of you than it is your cat.

If it has been a week or so and you don’t see your post and there aren’t unusual amounts of submissions, just resubmit your picture.  It’s possible that the queue stopped working, etc.  I never just ignore a submission.

Will you follow me?
No, sorry; this is a side blog so it’s impossible to follow other blogs from it.

Can you reblog this post?
No. The only posts I reblog are ones that I find on my own, if you want to see your cat here please use the submission feature.  The only exception to this rule is if you are trying to submit a gif; since posting a gif through the submit feature doesn’t work, send me a link to your post via fanmail and I’ll reblog it.

Why can’t I submit?
From time to time I will close the submission box so the posts in the queue don’t build up too much.

Why is your ask box closed?
I sometimes have the ask box disabled because people were trolling the blog quite a bit.


1. Only submissions of cats will be accepted.  This means strictly pictures of your cat, none with the owner in it as well.  See image below for further explanation.

There is one exception to this rule: it is okay if your arm or hand is in the picture because you have to hold your cat up, but your face should not be visible.

2. Tributes to cats who have passed away are fine, as long as the cat is alive in the picture.

3. Please do not submit overly-edited photos.  They are okay here and there, but a majority of the submissions should just be regular old pictures of cats.

4. No advertisements of any kind.  Please do not use this blog to promote another or try to sell a product.  I am not comfortable with such transactions taking place via fuckyeahfelines.  The only posts I will accept or reblog are for cats in need/signal boosts.