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1. Only submissions of cats will be accepted. This means strictly pictures of your cat. There is one exception to this rule: it is okay if your arm or hand is in the picture because you have to hold your cat up, but your face should not be visible.

2. Tributes to cats who have passed away are fine, as long as the cat is alive in the picture.

3. Please do not submit overly-edited photos. They are okay here and there, but a majority of the submissions should just be regular old pictures of cats.

4. You may submit up to three photos per day. This is to keep from someone submitting 20+ photos at a time (yes, it’s happened in the past).

5. Feel free to tag your photo with which country you and your cat are from! This was suggested by another follower and I think it’s a great idea, so we can all see where everyone is from (this is totally optional). Since you can’t add a tag, just do a #YourCountry in the text of your submission and I’ll manually add it into the tags when I queue your post.